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Welcome to CrushPaper

What is CrushPaper?

CrushPaper is for students, writers and anyone who writes papers, essays or articles and quotes their sources.

Easily research the web for relevant sources, save quotations from them to and then combine them with your own insights into a paper.

Why is CrushPaper Special?

CrushPaper makes it easy to organize your quotations and notes into hierarchies within notebooks.

CrushPaper's keyboard and mouse features make it easy to move your notes and quotations into whatever structure feels good to your brain.

The CrushPaper Chrome extension makes it easy to save quotations by right clicking to save text you have selected.

You can use CrushPaper on your mobile device but much of its functionality only works in a web browser.

CrushPaper is free and open source. You can even run it on your own computer instead of using It runs on Windows, Linux and probably OSX.

More Information

The user guide explains how to use CrushPaper.

This page explains why I created CrushPaper.

This page explains why CrushPaper is free.

CrushPaper is made mostly by one person. That is me, Zap Blasterson. If you have any suggestions or complaints you can message me on Twitter, GitHub or Google Groups and I will do my very best to improve CrushPaper.

Try CrushPaper for free without creating an account!

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