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User Guide

What are Notes and Quotations?

  1. A note is a piece of text that is important to you.
  2. You can organize your notes by putting them in a hierarchy.
  3. A quotation a piece of text that came from a source with an optional note.
  4. A source is an external web page.
  5. Quotations are just like notes. They can be organized within the note hierarchy.

What can you do with Notes and Quotations?

  1. They can be subnotes or parents of any other note.
  2. CrushPaper tries to make it very easy to do this by enabling you to:
    1. Select one or more notes with Ctrl and Shift click.
    2. Move one or more notes by dragging them with the mouse.
    3. A note can be dragged by itself, or with its subnotes by holding down the Ctrl key.
    4. Move one or more notes using the Ctrl and arrow keys.
    5. Select notes using only the keyboard.
    6. Operate on notes using keyboard shortcuts or using a context menu that is displayed by right clicking or Command clicking a note.
    7. If you forget the keyboard shortcuts you can press the 'h' key to see a popup that explains them.
  3. They can be deleted. When you delete a note you can choose to delete the note's subnotes as well, or make them subnotes of the deleted note's parent.
  4. The text of the note or quotation can be changed.

Searching and Browsing

  1. See more on search here.

Exporting Notebooks

  1. You can export a note book by clicking the down arrow to the right of the notebook title.
  2. You can choose three formats: HTML, RTF (Rich Text Format) and Markdown.
  3. You can choose to include quotations inline in the exported notebook or just notes.
  4. You can choose to include a list of references at the end of the exported notebook.

Backing up Notes, Quotations and Sources

  1. You can backup all of your notes, quotations and sources in a JSON file. (JSON is a popular text format for data.)
  2. You may do this if you want to move your information from one CrushPaper server to another.
  3. You may also want to create backups of your information.

Restoring Notes, Quotations and Sources

  1. You can restore backups of notes, quotations and sources by uploading a JSON file to the server.
  2. If you select "Reuse note IDs if possible" then the CrushPaper server will try to recreate your notes, quotations and sources with the same IDs as in the file. This is useful if you want to be able to retain the same URLs. If another item already has the ID then the CrushPaper server will assign a new ID.
  3. If you select "The file is in MS Word List Format" then the CrushPaper server will treat the file as if it contains a single notebook in this format:
     *\tNote at level 1
    O\tNote at level 2
    ?\tNote at level x
    CrushPaper assumes that if the bullet character that appears at the beginning of the line has not been seen before then the line should be at a level below any other levels.

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