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Why I Created CrushPaper

The Problem

I have been making lists for a long time just like you probably have.

I've tried different methods and have not been happy for long.

Paper feels great, but I either lose or smudge the paper, and I can't search it.

List making applications quickly push my notes to all of my devices but the applications don't seem powerful enough for more than shopping lists.

Research and clipping applications are usually very easy to use but are not as flexible as I want.

Some of the best applications are closed source and have had reports of security issues and losing information.

The Solution

I want to use an application that makes it easy to organize all of my notes and quotations in any hierarchical structure I want.

I want to use an application that makes it easy to move sets of my information around quickly with the keyboard or with the mouse.

I want to make CrushPaper that application.

More Information

This page explains what CrushPaper is.

The user guide explains how to use CrushPaper.

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